Sport for Intercultural Dialogue
Erasmus+ Sport, Collaborative Partnerships
Cod. 2016-3602  / 001 – 001

Football, and all team sports, allow refugees, migrants and asylum seekers to establish a contact with their local environment and to meet local associations and groups of which the usually don’t feel a part and toward which they don’t seek an active participation.
The integration that arises during amateur sports events is a stimulus towards active citizenship in matters concerned with immigration, security, and the benefits of sports. This harmonizes with the specific goals of Collaborative Partnership: fight “intolerance and discrimination; promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity, through increased participation in, and equal access to sport for all”.
The primary aim of the project is to create awareness-raising activities for amateur athletes, coaches, trainers, educators who work in the particular fields of sports connected with solidarity and intercultural dialogue, sharing good practices and creating Open Educational Resources about how sports can support social inclusion.
Sports and physical activity, are important and effective vehicles toward a non-medical education to well-being and health. Furthermore, sport is a tool to promote integration and struggle against discrimination and racism.

Project Objectives
– Formation of operators qualified to play a role in the process of integration through sports
– Formalizing knowledge, competencies and methodologies of social promotion through sports
– Sharing best practices of integration, inclusion, socialization
– Alerting European citizens to the social role of sports in the creation of virtuous circuits of
integration and contact
– Updating existing knowledge
– Acquiring and sharing new abilities at the National, European and International level
– Preparing for professional education in the field
– Networking among organizations working with migrants and refugees